Quality Standards

Bavaria Fluid Systems quality standard is to supply our BFS solenoid valves, BFS oscillating piston pumps and BFS valve manifolds with zero defects in order to provide our customers with durable and reliable products. Therefore, we monitor compliance with our quality guidelines in goods receipt, continuously during production and by our final inspection. Every single product is tested for function and leakproofness according to strict criteria before delivery to our customers.

Continuous Operation

Our products also have to prove their reliability in continuous operation tests, some of which last many years. For example, our BFS solenoid valves have a service life of more than 12 million switching cycles. In some fields, our valves have also completed already more than a billion switching cycles.

Batch Traceability

All our articles are marked with batch numbers. That’s why we are able to trace back all our batches until to the material from which the individual parts are manufactured, so that we can quickly and accurately identify faults and take appropriate remedial action.

Quality Management Standards ISO 9001, TS 16949 and Industry-Specific Requirements

In order to sustainably meet our quality standards, we work according to the quality guidelines of ISO 9001:2015 and parts of TS 16949:2016. In addition, we implement the specific requirements of various branches of industry, such as beverage and food technology, medical technology, the automotive industry or mechanical engineering.

Audits and Customer ratings

In addition, we are audited by renowned international customers. Our annual ratings by our customers show that our team of Bavaria Fluid Systems with our trained employees is also a reliable business partner in the quality of our products.