BFS oscillating piston pumps for dosing of additives for natural gas engines or use in air conditioning and beverage industry

Bavaria Fluid Systems Increases Production of Metering Solenoid Valves and Metering Solenoid Pumps for Lubrication Systems in Cars with Natural Gas Engines

The demand for cars with natural gas engines continues to increase. That’s why we at Bavaria Fluid Systems in Pforzheim, Germany are investing in our new production line for metering solenoid valves and metering solenoid pumps. They are mounted on a board with control electronics and tested and delivered as a Electronic Valve-Protector. Natural gas […]

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BFS spray valves for precise and fast coating with water, oil or even spirits

BFS Spray Valves for fast and precise Coating with Water, Oil or Whisky

Faster – more precise – more economical: With our Bavaria Fluid Systems spray valves, our customers save money and primary materials and also relieve the environment Whether deep-drawing sheets, donats or sweets – the demands of our customers on modern coating systems are constantly growing. In the last century it was still common practice to […]

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