Coaxial Solenoid Valves for Metering Oil and Gas

industry coaxial valves for gases and fluids
Customized Industry Coaxial Solenoid Valves for Oil and Gas

E.g. solenoid valves for welding machines to control of shielding gas flow during arc welding (MIG, MAG, TIG)

Gas metal arc welding is an arc welding process in which the electrode and the molten metal are protected from the surrounding atmosphere by a shielding gas (argon, helium). The supply of the shielding gas is reliably controlled by our 2-2 way solenoid welding valves.

Due to their design, BFS coaxial solenoid valves are energy-efficient, require only a small installation space and therefore have a wide range of applications.

In addition, we configure the connections according to our customers’ requirements, which reduces sealing points and thus saves assembly time and minimizes the testing effort.