Coaxial Gas Solenoid Valve BMV60418 in Brass for Laser- and Arc Welders with Shielding Gas - MAG MIG TIG and for Flame Cutting Systems

30,000 welding valves per year and we are A-grade supplier!

BMV6 Highlights quality welding equipment

We deliver more than 30,000 of our coaxial solenoid valves per year to our welding technology customers – on time and in the usual high quality. Because before our welding valves leave our factory, each one is tested for function and tightness. We also monitor compliance with the welding industry’s stringent requirements for the electrical safety of solenoid coils.

It is therefore no coincidence that our most important customer among the welding equipment manufacturers also lists us as an A-grade supplier. The criteria for this are strict. The evaluation includes technical quality and on-time delivery.

As an additional service, we also offer all our customers, in cooperation with their product developers, the adaptation of their desired valve to specific requirements, such as the modification of connections or the combination of various fluidic functions in a time- and cost-saving solenoid valve block.

Assembly time is precious. Thanks to their very short switching times < 2 milliseconds for gases, our coaxial quick-acting valves minimize production times during spot welding and stud welding with shielding gas.