BFS Solenoid Valve Block for High Speed Beer Dispense Equipment is Hygienically Clean too because its Free of Dead Space and Self Cleaning

BFS Solenoid Valve Block – We tap the Fastest Beer in the World

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A liter beer glass filled in just 6 seconds: If in the half-time break of a football match 50,000 fans want to drink their beer, so far thousands of beers poured before the break. At the break sale, there was then a shot of foam on the now half-shell beer. Beer enjoyment while playing football is something else.

Together with our customers, we therefore developed a solenoid valve block for dispensing systems used at major events with our fast-acting (2 milliseconds) and flow-optimized BFS solenoid valves.

The challenge with high-speed beer serving is that the beer may only form its beautiful head of foam when bottling. But nevertheless the serving should take place as fast as possible. Therefore, the beer flows in 3 phases into the glass. In the first phase, the beer initially flows slowly into the beer glass. In the second phase, it flows very fast and in the third phase, only the foaming occurs. The beer flow is controlled by our solenoid valves as needed. And of course, our inline solenoid valves installed here are also hygienically clean, means free of dead space and self-cleaning.