Mini oscillating piston pump BMP084V02 stainless steel for dosing liquids

New BMP084V02 mini oscillating piston pump in stainless steel for precise dosing

BMP084 Highlights

Our mini oscillating piston pump BMP084V02 in stainless steel offers a reliable solution for dosing low-viscosity aggressive liquids in various applications, such as chemicals, alcohols, distilled or deionized water and oils. With a maximum pressure of 5.8 bar, a maximum flow rate of 1.68 ml/min or 28 µl/stroke, this pump enables accurate and consistent dosing.


Compact design:
The mini oscillating piston pump is compact and space-saving, making it ideal for applications where space is limited.

High reliability:
With high-quality materials and precision manufacturing, this pump ensures reliable performance over a long period of time.

Precise metering:
Pump settings can be fine-tuned to ensure accurate dosing of fluids according to application requirements.

Versatile applications:
Suitable for a variety of low-viscosity fluids, including alcohols, water and oils, this pump finds application in areas such as medical, laboratory, food industry and more.


Medical technology:
Precise dispensing of medications and solutions in medical devices and laboratories.

Food industry:
Dosing of flavors, additives and other ingredients in food and beverage applications.

Chemical industry:
Precise dosing of solvents, cleaning agents and other chemical substances in industrial processes.

Automotive industry:
Dosing of additives for cooling and lubricating natural gas combustion engines

Our mini vibratory piston pump offers an efficient and reliable solution for dosing low-viscosity liquids and helps to optimize the production processes of your application.

Our solenoid pumps and coaxial solenoid valves can be customized to our customers’ requirements.