Oscillating piston pump BMP120 Condensate Beverages Water Oils

BMP120 oscillating piston pump as a condensate pump for effective removal of condensate in climate and environmental simulation

Application BMP120

Climate and environmental simulations are crucial for the testing and development of products in various industries, such as

  • electronics
  • automotive industry
  • rail vehicle construction
  • Medical and biological research
  • materials testing
  • food industry
  • aerospace industry
  • defense industry.
    A challenge in these simulations is the management of condensate that can occur during testing. Our BMP120 vibratory piston pump used as a condensate pump offers a reliable solution for precise and efficient condensate management in environmental simulation systems and climate chambers.

Challenges in environmental simulation:

Environmental simulations allow products, components or materials to be tested under different environmental conditions, including temperature and humidity changes. During these tests, condensate can be generated, which must be carefully controlled and removed to ensure accurate and reliable test results and the safe operation of research and simulation facilities.

The advantages of the BMP120 condensate pump:

The BMP120 pump was originally developed as a water pump. Since then, other applications have been added, resulting in new models that pump deionized water, oils or beverages. As a condensate pump, it has proven itself especially in use in environmental simulation systems and climate chambers and has established itself as a permanent solution.

The BMP120 pump offers several advantages:

compact design for small installation spaces:

The BMP120 is compact and easy to integrate, which is important in the often limited space available in environmental simulation systems and climate chambers.

Efficient performance:

The BMP120 solenoid pump is self-priming up to a height of 800 mm, for example. The pump is designed for a duty cycle of 100%. The maximum flow rate is 3 l/min and the maximum pressure is 2.5 bar.

Flexibility thanks to modular system:

For example, we offer the internal thread G1/4″ or plug-in connector 3/8″ in the suction connection and ¼” in the pressure connection as connection options, as well as the operating voltages 24 V AC and 230 V AC. Various selectable seal sets complete the modular system.

Precise control of the condensate drain:

The BMP120 enables precise control of condensate drainage, which is crucial for the accurate adjustment of humidity conditions in environmental simulation.

Maintenance-free with low wear:

The BMP120 pump operates on the principle of liquid gap sealing which minimizes internal wear and significantly increases its service life.


Thanks to its compact design, reliability and flexibility, the BMP120 oscillating piston pump is a crucial component for environmental simulations in various industrial sectors as a condensate pump in various environmental simulation systems, climate chambers or climatic chambers.