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Automatic cleaning systems for camera lenses, sensors and windows on vehicles conserve resources and save the environment


Automatic cleaning systems for camera lenses, sensors and windows in cars and trucks increase driver comfort and help to save resources and environment.

Dust in summer, snow and road salt in winter, mud in spring or fall, on the road or in difficult terrain – windows, camera lenses and sensors on vehicles must be reliably clean even under adverse conditions. Here, too, the trend is toward automation, sustainability and economy.

Modern electronically controlled and programmable cleaning systems use our fast-switching flow-efficient coaxial solenoid valves to meter the cleaning fluids precisely and as needed at the respective spray nozzles.

One valve doses the liquid for one nozzle at a time. Various programs can thus be used to control both the distribution of the liquid and the quantity required to remove the contamination in question.

Once the appropriate program has been selected, the system operates independently, which reduces the driver’s workload. Thanks to precise metering in line with requirements, only as much liquid is used as is necessary for cleaning. This conserves resources and reduces the burden on the environment.

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